Cape Town Exploration: Capes & More Capes

In the early Fall of 2013, I spent 2 1/2 weeks in South Africa.  My journey started via the 20+ hours of travel from JFK airport to Cape Town, where my friend Elliot and I checked in to the most glorious 2-bed/2-bath duplex loft hotel room that $228 a night could buy.  We were meeting up with my husband, Marc, who was on work assignment in Johannesburg for 3 months, but since his flight wasn’t scheduled to arrive for a few more hours, we decided to scope out the city.

Cape Town is a really wonderful place to visit.  It has everything from national parks and botanic gardens to wineries with rolling hills to beaches occupied by the most adorable penguins to the cheapest happy hour drinks and sweet sweet jazz.  From morning till the wee small hours of the morning, there’s plenty see and do in this lovely part of South Africa.  Did I hear cheap happy hour?

So in the hours we were waiting for Marc to land and get settled in our baller hotel room, Elliot and I got an overview of things on Long Street.  This aptly named long street is one of the main restaurant/bar/nightlife scenes in Cape Town.  Complete with traditional South African-style eats like Mama Africa, Irish pubs called “Irish Pub”, jazz spots, and ultra clubs, the Long Street area is definitely a great place for young-something travelers to park themselves during their stay in CT.  As we were just up the road from the action at the Protea Fire & Ice! Hotel, it wasn’t long before we stumbled upon a cozy bar with the promise of free wifi and cheap-ass booze.  Win win!

Our waiter was quite the enabler when it came to ordering another round of happy hour drinks, but hey, we were on vacation.  And what’s happy hour without getting a little happy?  Before we knew it, I got a Viber call from Marc that he was already in the room and ready to “shplor” the town with us.  Man, time flies when you’re having $2 rum and diets…

And thus was the start of a great weekend in Cape Town.  In order to ensure we took in all of the highlights, I hired a private driver from Cape Team Tours (Pieter is amazing and has the best laugh) to take us around.  We got an early start and took the route down to the most Southwestern point of Africa– The Cape of Good Hope.  Yes, you read that correctly– the most Southwestern point, not the most Southern point of Africa.  We were just as surprised as you are, but we didn’t let our shock take away from the awesomeness of standing at the famed cape.


From there, we rounded out the peninsula and Cape Point and went on to Boulder’s Beach to see the Jackass Penguins.  Marc and his black and white Adidas sneaks had some fun playing footsies with a curious penguin that very cutely mistook the shoe for another formal friend.  Poor guy.

The three of us closed out the night at a hookah bar on Long Street that never seemed to pick up as much as we would have liked.  It was just as well for we had a very stressful day ahead, heading out to the vineyards and drinking delicious wines and eating marvelous cheeses all day.